Mises Seminar: The Costs of War

Two Just Wars: 1776 and 1861 [Murray N. Rothbard]
Protectionism, War, and the Southern Tradition [Lew Rockwell]
War, Reconstruction and the End of the Old Republic [Tom Wilson]
The Spanish-American War as Trial Run [Joseph R. Stromberg]
Soviet Militarism and Economic Control [Yuri N. Maltsev]
Shakespeare on War and Empire [Joseph Sobran]
Right to Bear Arms [Samuel Francis]
Military as Engine of Social Change [Allan C. Carlson]
War and the Leviathan State [Robert Higgs]
World War I as the End of Civilization [Hans-Hermann Hoppe]
Modern Democracy and War [Paul Gottfried]
The Old Breed and the Costs of War [Eugene Sledge]
The Culture War [Paul Fussell]
Rethinking Lincoln [Richard Gamble]
War vs. American Freedom [John V. Denson]
Anti-Interventionism in American Politics [Justin Raimondo]
Rethinking Churchill [Ralph Raico]
Did the South Have to Fight? [Thomas Fleming]
War and the Money Machine [Joseph T. Salerno]
Anti-Interventionism in American Literature [Bill Kauffman]