Pastor acquitted in Interstate 8 checkpoint incident

The Yuma Sun reports:

A Baptist pastor who claimed (“claimed” LOL) he was beaten by law enforcement officers at an interstate checkpoint was acquitted Friday of two misdemeanor charges related to the incident.

The encounter happened on Interstate 8 east of Yuma in April of last year

Steven Anderson, who is minister of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, was found not guilty Friday afternoon after a two-day trial on charges of obstructing a highway and failure to obey instructions of a law enforcement officer.

“I’m thrilled. I’m happy about it,” Anderson said moments after the verdict was handed down. “I think it asks the question ‘Why was someone who was found in court not to be doing anything wrong, was brutalized and tasered like I was.’”

(a judge initially dismissed the case, but the criminal fascist totalitarian police state justice system just couldn’t let a slave insult his overlords without attempting to throw him in prison, so an appellate judge re-opened the case in an attempt to imprison the pastor)

The prosecution appealed the ruling to the Yuma County Superior Court before Judge Maria Elena Cruz. Cruz overturned Torok’s ruling and the charges against Anderson were refiled, with further proceedings to take place in Justice Court.

The defense had argued that Anderson was charged with criminal acts that occurred as the result of an unlawful stop and detention. Cruz in her ruling determined that the canine training records were “irrelevant” because Anderson’s alleged criminal conduct happened prior to his initial detention.