Socialism Exploded

Professor Joseph T. Salerno explains why a socialist economy is literally impossible.

The criminal State must rely on private markets around it to price its goods.

A socialist economy is doomed to failure because the prices of resources are entirely arbitrary and without meaning. Yet even then, the waste, fraud, and abuse that necessarily follows when there are no market forces in place to correctly allocate resources or promote cost efficiency ultimately leads to total economic implosion.

The economist Ludwig von Mises wrote the original paper that demonstrated socialism was impossible as an economic system. The problems with socialism as an economic model are summarized by something called the “Economic Calculation Problem.”

Economic Calculation In The Socialist Commonwealth
by Ludwig von Mises

Here is an audiobook version of that same book:…

Socialism is a totalitarian system of enslavement that necessarily requires guns, brutality, and violent aggressive force in order for it to exist.

It is entirely coercive as a State economic system, as well as being entirely dysfunctional due to the problems of economic calculation presented by Mises.

“Socialism” can only exist as a peaceful economic system within a commune or family unit. As a State organized system of economic policy, it necessarily requires total physical domination of resources through violent militaristic action.

Put simply, if all private citizens were allowed to have guns, while no government agent was allowed to have guns, this situation would also make socialism impossible.