A man was talking on his cellphone minding his own business when he was brutally assaulted by armed thugs in uniform for no reason.

The police department responded to this video by issuing this statement:

Safety Manager Ron Perea, who oversees the police department and has final say on discipline, has rejected Rosenthal’s argument that the officers should be fired.

“The video, when viewed in isolation, seems to portray the subject officers as overly aggressive for the situation,” Perea said. “There is no audio and it appears that there is a man on the phone ignoring but not being overtly aggressive towards the officer when the officer takes him down. The video, however, does not tell the entire story.”

Of course they shouldn’t be fired.

The slaves need to be taught a lesson in humility.  Talking on your cellphone in the presence of a God is an outrage.  The slave should have been licking boots and offering himself up as a human sacrifice instead.

Clearly the officers were justified in beating his face in with a leather wrapped metal pole and knocking him unconscious while giving him a concussion.  Anything less would be ridiculous.

Oh by the way, I love how the cop operating the camera zooms out and pans away as soon as he realizes one of his criminal pirate buddies is illegally beating the tar out of a slave.

Rather than focusing in on the fight, which is what all normal humans would do in such a situation, the criminal camera operator had the wherewithal to recognize the crime being committed and cover for his pirate shipmate.