Tell The Truth: GO TO JAIL!

Continuing on with my “The State Is The Criminal” montage of  police aggression against the innocent, I bring you this latest masterpiece of fascist power.

This man decided to video tape some cops harassing some young woman for no reason as they pulled her over and groped her breasts. Of course, videotaping Gods is equivalent to blasphemy, and calling them Nazi’s (which they obviously are) is grounds for execution, so the Stazi enforcers descended upon our innocent cameraman with the full violent fury of the State.

For simply stating the truth (that the cops are a bunch of fascist fat assed totalitarian scum sucking shitbags) to the officers faces, the man was arrested, locked in felony jail, was charged with a felony, had his property illegally confiscated, had his property illegally searched.

Of course, since 99.9% of the people that read this blog are fascist totalitarians, I eagerly await the comments that side with the cops for violating this guy’s constitutional rights and imprisoning him at tax payer expense for exercising his first amendment rights.

Read the full account here:

The lady was standing outside her car, looking quite distressed at the situation.  Cops then begin to search her vehicle and then let her go.  One of the officers asked if I was “enjoying myself” from the road.  I told him “you are a Nazi”.  He cupped an ear like he couldn’t hear me, so I said it louder, “you’re a Nazi”.

One officer then pointed at me and said, “Arrest him for interfering”.  Even though their traffic stop was complete and the lady driver was back in her vehicle preparing to leave.  The cops were also preparing to leave when I spoke this.

Then he and his cohorts came up my driveway and into my garage.  I told them all to leave and that they were not welcome.  I repeated it several ways such as, “you are trespassing”, “leave my property”, etc…

One of three officers asked for my ID and I stated that I was on my property and had committed no crime.  He quickly became aggressive and intimidating… belligerently pointing “I am a cop.  Here is my badge.  Show me your ID, NOW!”