Tea Party Joe Miller Wins Alaska Senate Primary

I don’t trust this neocon any further than I could throw him.

This guy graduated from West Point with a BS, graduated from UA Fairbanks with a masters in economics, and graduated from Yale Law School with a law degree and then went on to serve as both a federal and state judge.

Yale only graduates statists.

West Point only graduates statists (although Lee and Jackson graduated from there).

NO ONE gets appointed to the position of a federal judge without being a total statist of supreme power.

Of course, here is Miller, the reactionary, declaring we must have unlimited spending for unlimited war and that we must act quickly to blow up more countries that pose fake threats to our sovereignty.

Miller said he believes the defense budget could be run more efficiently, but the combat veteran of the first Gulf War does not think the defense budget should be cut, especially when facing possible threats from countries like Iran.

“If we have one nuclear bomb or one chemical weapon go off in one of our cities overnight, it changes the face of this nation and in a horrific way, not just in loss of life, but in loss of freedom, the impact financially,” Miller said. “We still haven’t recovered from 9/11. We can’t afford to have a military that isn’t that strong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have efficiencies, and I think that’s what the secretary is trying to build.”

Invokes Iran, 9/11, and unlimited defense spending all in one breath – I think its safe to say this guy is a hard core neocon of ultimate statist imperial power.