Futuretech: Suicide Nets For Serfs

In the great Fascist Republic of Japan where government has spent decades destroying the once healthy vibrant economy, companies have been facing the problem of work related suicide.

Apparently workers become so depressed because of the crappy pay, long hours, and poor working conditions that they have been flinging themselves into the equipment on a regular basis.

In order to solve this problem of wasted labor, Japanese companies have taken to installing suicide nets in the work place.

Wired reports:

So far this year, 12 Foxconn employees have committed suicide, with the latest occurring on Aug. 4, when a 22-year-old female employee leapt to her death from her company-provided dormitory.

I mean you have to love these slave herders.

company-provided dormitory?

That’s right folk, Japan provides us an excellent picture of the future Amerika = you live, eat, breathe, and slave at work forever.  Just like in the good ole days when the master kept his slaves outback in a wood shed.

You will live in a tiny shoebox provided by your employer, who is a fascist bureacrat with a fat pad in the hills somewhere.