Protect Taxpayers From Inflation!

The fantastically beautiful Christina Sochacki tells you how you are being reamed by the criminal government – Twice.

The terrorist organization known as the US Federal Government has decided the plebs must be taxed twice in order to atone for the sin of conducting profitable investments.

The looting mandate you call the capital gains tax effectively robs the masses at outrageous rates oftentimes reaching 100% because the tax is not indexed to inflation.

Of course, the terrorist looters have decided that we must pay an additional 3.9% tax this coming year.  This tax increase was passed in the bill that conducted the fascist takeover of the healthcare system.

But wait, there’s more!

Next year, the criminal looting tax will increase by an additional 5% because the Bush tax cuts are set to expire.

Praise Mao, and may Stalin rob you blind until you are broken and dependent like a whipped mule.