Project Censored Censored

Infowars reports:…

The director of a prominent investigative journalism group has told reporters that the organisation’s work is being censored because it continues to highlight stories surrounding questions over the official explanation of events on the 11th of September 2001.

Project Censored is a long running non-profit national media watchdog group that was founded in 1976 by journalism professor Carl Jensen.

It is operated out of the School of Social Sciences at Sonoma State University, with both faculty and students involved in its preparation.

The project’s core directive is to highlight newsworthy stories that have been overlooked, ignored or actively censored by the corporate mainstream media.

“We’ve never had an op-ed piece that we were contracted to do rejected, outright rejected, and it wasn’t just rejected because of some contractual issue or violation,” Huff said. “We were actually told specifically from people at IPS that it was because we mentioned 9/11 as part of a piece on state crimes against democracy.”

The publisher that censored them is run by a left wing progressive think tank out of DC.

Praise Mao, for you are too stupid to hear the truth.