Get Robbed? = GET SHOT AT 8 TIMES!

The LA Times reports:

When Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies pulled up to Likun Sahilu’s liquor store moments after it was robbed at gunpoint Sunday, the slight Ethiopian immigrant was relieved.

That is, until a deputy started shooting at him.

Eight bullets. Eight misses.

“God has sent me his angels to protect me,” Sahilu said.

This story is so fantastic on so many levels, I’m not even sure where to begin.

1.  This story highlights the fact that cops are ignorant, power mad, homicidal maniacs, that have no self-control what-so-ever.

2.  This story highlights the fact that cops suck at shooting people and are more likely to miss and kill innocent people than average armed citizens.

3.  This story highlights the fact that cops never get in trouble for wildly shooting at anything they please.

4.  This story is awesome because an innocent man is still alive, after a cop blatantly tried to kill him.  Of course,  the cop will face no punishment for it.