FS: Southern Poverty Law Center Poses A Great Terrorist Threat

Fascist Soup has discovered that the Souther Poverty Law Center, working in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security is engaging in terrorist activities.

These activities include, but are not limited to:

-intimidation of people who disagree with their political agenda

-spying and intelligence operations against US civilians

-threats of violent force against law abiding civilians

-dissemination of propaganda and terrorizing literature

-racially motivated hate speech

-and other coercive and threatening activities

This document recently obtained by Fascist Soup details the plans for domestic spying operations the SPLC and DHS have concocted.   It entails using word-smithing and subversive “trust building” measures by local law enforcement agencies to turn civilians against one another in DHS run spy rings.

The document notes that “Communities may be hesitant to enter in relationships with local, state, tribal or federal law enforcement if they perceive that they are viewed as incubators of violent extremism.” and suggests the spy operations be sold to the public as  “…supporting local efforts to establish safe and secure communities –this could mean securing them against all types of threats from outside as well as from within.”

The spy operation also entails eliciting the support of church groups and religious leaders – “DHS should explore expanding the Secure Community Network concept to other faith-based communities and put together a task force to look at best practices for faith-based communities.”

Other documents demonstrate that any political view contrary to Marxian Communism can considered a threat, which justifies the DHS using violent naked aggression against dissenting peaceful civilians.

The SPLC and DHS should be considered armed and dangerous.  All US civilians should be alert and on the lookout for heavily armed men in black uniforms running around threating people over their political views.

If you should encounter a DHS or SPLC agent, you are advised not to speak to them or engage them in anyway.  You should report their activities to the nearest alternative media outlet.