LOL – Take That Piggy!

The following video shows an East German Stasi enforcer questioning American citizens for riding in a car with a license plate light that is burned out.

In the video, you will witness several civilians telling the cop to ram his ID check up his East German ass.

Praise Mao and my Stalin send your family to a gulag.

Here’s the full video.


This guy has the biggest balls and consistently takes on the biggest tyrants.

Watch the good pastor and his friends frustrate the criminal police as they illegally search, detain, and assault them.

May Hitler crap on your lawn.

Oh yes, I almost forgot.

If anyone would like to lodge a complaint, here’s the info:

Offending officer: Merrill – Badge #132

Benson Police Department
360 South Gila Street
Benson, Arizona 85602
(520) 586-2211

I suggest calling and leaving a polite message that illegal searches and violent threats over burned out light bulbs are uncalled for and that the offending officer should be reprimanded and given refresher training on the US Constitution and search laws.