New Zealand's Temperature Records Determined To Be Fraudulent

It turns out that New Zealand’s NIWA (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research) has been releasing completely fraudulent data in its temperature readings.  This is the same data that is used in global climate models by the IPCC and other criminal organizations that are seeking total domination of the world’s economy under the guise of  “global warming.”

Icecap reports:

Most of this will upset NIWA’s supporters. If you’re a NIWA supporter, go find a buddy to hug before reading on. This will rock your world.

Because NIWA formally denies all responsibility for the national temperature record (NZTR).

Betrayal of supporters

Now that is surprising – shocking, really. Forget their defensive posturing since our paper criticising it last November – now they’ve given that up and say the NZTR isn’t their problem, they’re not responsible for maintaining it and apparently there’s no such thing as an “official” New Zealand Temperature Record anyway.

Will the MSM pick this up? I think they should, but I rather doubt they will…

…NIWA has formally stated that, in their opinion, they are not required to use the best available information nor to apply the best scientific practices and techniques available at any given time. They don’t think that forms any part of their statutory obligation to pursue “excellence”.

Praise Mao, and may Stalin expropriate your property to open a windmill farm.