The Human Factor: Inside The CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture

The CIA has decided to sue a former intelligence agent who wrote a book highlighting the criminal nature of the CIA’s ineffective intelligence programs.

The Washington Times reports:

Ishmael Jones, pen name for the 20-year CIA veteran and Arabic speaker who said he sought to expose corruption in the agency, is facing a civil lawsuit over his 2008 book, “The Human Factor: Inside the CIA’s Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture.”

The book is a detailed account of his career inside the CIA’s clandestine service and his work as a “nonofficial cover” operative in the Middle East and Europe.

“The book contains no classified information and I do not profit from it,” Mr. Jones told The Washington Times. “CIA censors attack this book because it exposes the CIA as a place to get rich, with billions of taxpayer dollars wasted or stolen in espionage programs that produce nothing.”

The CIA said in a statement to The Times that the legal action was filed against the former officer for “breaking his secrecy agreement.”

The CIA is indeed a place to get rich – especially if you have a degree in finance.

CIA officers moonlight as commercial bankers, hording billions of dollars in fraudulent profits from the banking industry, which are all ill gotten gains from Fed bailouts and market manipulations.

The CIA works hand in hand with drug lords and commercial banks to launder drug profits.  Much of the CIA’s funding comes from clandestine sources, that is to say, they finance their covert ops by facilitating the sale of drugs.  The notion that the CIA is funded from tax dollars alone is misplaced.  They are a criminal mafia organization gone wild.  They have no accountability and routinely engage in illegal activities for profit.