Anarchists Protest Lack Of Government Spending

I always find humor in rioting anarchists who are mad that government isn’t spending enough money, imposing price controls and rationing products.

The Telegraph reports:

Student tuition fee protest turns violent as Tory headquarters evacuated.

A demonstration against tuition fees by tens of thousands of students and lecturers descended into violence today when a group of protesters smashed their way into the headquarters of the Conservative party…

Rocks, wooden banners, eggs, rotten fruit and shards of glass were thrown at police officers trying to beat back the crowd with metal batons and riot shields.

Inside the building, windows were kicked in, desks and chairs were overturned and the walls were daubed with anarchist graffiti.

It’s clear that anarchy means we must destroy public property and demand bajillions of dollars in free stuff from the government.

I think the anarchists should start their own political party, run for office, and then handout free stuff to everyone.  It would be great.  Such an anarchist Utopia would be just like the anarchy of the Soviet Union or Zimbabwe.

I’m not sure why the anarchists would rather riot than use the power of government to extract money from the productive members of society.  It’s much easier to use State sanctioned violence against the innocent than to directly engage in it yourself.