Money Grows On Trees

Seriously, it grows on trees and government harvests it for use in the economy.

Let us take public education for example.

If the operating cost of a public college is 3000 per student per semester, yet the government sets the tuition rate at 1000 per student, it is clear that government can harvest the additional 2000 dollars necessary for the school by planting 200 new money trees per student.

In addition to this fact, we must consider the effects of government planting 100 additional money trees per student.

Lets say the current operating cost of a school is 3000 per student per semester, 2000 of which comes from pre-existing money trees and 1000 of which comes from student tuition.  If the government were to plant 100 additional money trees for each student, it could then pay the educators entirely from money trees and not have to charge the students anything.

The question we must ask ourselves is why doesn’t government simply engage in planting more money trees so that we never have to pay for anything ever again?

Lets take food for example.

To my mind, this is even more important than education.

If the average cost for a family is 400 a week in food costs, the government could simply plant 40 money trees for each family in the nation and cover all the food costs of that family.

The solution to starvation, education, medical care, etc… is clear – we simply force government to plant more money trees.

With enough money trees, I see no reason why anyone should ever have to work again.