Social Security And Medicare Should Not Be Cut

They should be wiped off the face of the earth instead.

Both Medicare and Socialist Insecurity have counterparts in the private sector of the economy.

If you want health insurance, you buy health insurance.

If you want to save for your retirement, you buy gold or silver.

Of course, arguing which is better is pointless, because only the private sector does not engage in violent totalitarian brutality if you refuse to take part in them.

By now it should be clear that a person who bought gold with the money they would have paid into socialist insecurity would be light years ahead of the chump who was forced to dump 15% of his salary into the government’s violently enforced ponzi scheme.

If we are going to have government handouts for the poor people, they must be means based welfare handouts that are funded by incoming tax revenues, and they only must be given to people who are completely destitute. They must be bankrupt, homeless, and be incapable of working.

Violently forcing innocent citizens to pay into a completely insolvent system of ponzi schemes is MORALLY WRONG



Did the publik skools stop teaching this simple lesson in morality?

Is it suddenly OK for bullies to rob the weak of their lunch money on the playground today?


While I am against all forms of welfare, the ponzi schemes the government has going today are a sick joke. No one should be forced to pay into a ponzi scheme. If we must have welfare for the poor, then it should be WELFARE, not a ponzi scheme.

The debts must be liquidated and the violent looting must stop. People must be given a choice to opt out of the ponzi schemes. People must be free to chose what kind of retirement plan they want. People must be free to use whatever currencies they want. People must be free to chose what kind of healthcare they want. People must be free to chose PERIOD!

The so-called cuts that have been proposed to these violent looting schemes are a joke. A two year age raise 40 years from now? Are you kidding me? We have well over 50 trillion in unfunded liabilities and payroll taxes take a full 15% from everyones paychecks that goes right back into paying interest on existing debt.

The whole system is a joke.

A sick, disgusting, violent, joke.