Sweden Goes After Wiki Leaks Frontman On Rape Allegations

I’m going to source two posts from the ATS message boards because the discussion content has lots of goodies in there to pick through.

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish prosecutor said Thursday she had requested the arrest of Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, to face charges of rape and sexual molestation.


It’s now pretty sure who the 31 year old women is that had sex with Julian Assange in Sweden.

Her name is Anna Ardin and she’s apparently a Leftist Radical Feminist Christian.

The second thread is fairly illuminating.

I am convinced that Assange didn’t do anything wrong and that the woman in question is most likely related to the CIA or some other intelligence agency in some way.

The CIA is a radically leftist organization, in contrast with our military intelligence services which are radically neo-conservative in nature.  Neither of the services like each other very much and both have their own political goals in terms of the geo-political agendas they pursue.

In this case however, neither the radical left nor the radical neo-conservatives have any love for Assange, who is targeting the very structure of government with his leaks site.  The last thing our government intel agencies want is for damaging information to reach the public ears.

Anyone who knows Assange has repeatedly stated this guy isn’t capable of what is claimed, and he has a completely spotless record outside of his role in promoting transparency in government.  No violent history at all.  It seem ridiculous to think he would suddenly snap at the age of 38.  Violent rapists typically have a long history of violence and police interaction.