Violent Anti-American Actor Placed On Terrorist Watch List

Violent anti-American extremist and actor Mark Ruffalo has been placed on a DHS terrorist watch list after it was confirmed that the actor was engaged in creating a documentary that questions natural gas drilling practices.

As we all know, anyone who questions any proposed government regulation or corporate operations must necessarily be a violent extremist capable of blowing up thousands of people in a violent and bloody assault on America’s freedoms.

The only way for us to be free is to suppress all free speech by creating a chilling effect on anyone that speaks out against anything.

Praise Mao and may the DHS put cameras up your ass to inspect your colon for pipe bombs.

SF Gate reports:

Actor Mark Ruffalo has been placed on a terror advisory list by U.S. officials after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling.

The “Zodiac” actor arranged showings for “GasLand” earlier this year and voiced his concerns about the practice in relation to the national water supplies.