Leaving America As The "Most Effective" Way To Fight The Battle With "The Mob-Installed Government Beast"

Zero Hedge reports:

And now for some very provocative, “out of the box” views: Simon Black, better known as Sovereign Man, presents some disturbing thoughts which are sure to get the broader spirits elevated. Instead of continuing to fight what some see as a losing ideological battle with a government which no longer even remotely represents the broader population’s interests, Black says simply to walk away:

“When you think about it, what we call a ‘country’ is nothing more than a large concentration of people who share common values.Over time, those values adjust and evolve. Today, cultures in many countries value things like fake security, subordination, and ignorance over freedom, independence, and awareness. When it appears more and more each day that those common values diverge from your own, all that’s left of a country are irrelevant, invisible lines on a map. I don’t find these worth fighting for…

The government beast in your home country feeds on debt and taxes, and the best way to win is for bright, productive people to move away with their ideas, labor, and assets. This effectively starves the beast and accelerates its collapse. Then, when the smoke clears, you can move back and help rebuild a free society.

Perhaps Black is right and this is the best, and possibly only, non-violent way to fight the political-financial plutocracy?

Black is right that this is a highly effective way to starve the beast.  As things continue to deteriorate into socialist chaos, this is the natural course of action individuals with means take.  We saw this occur in East Germany to the point where the government put up walls to prevent its own citizens from leaving.

One other way that I personally like even more is for enough freedom lovers to move to New Hampshire and take over the state government; thereby forcing the state either into secession or nullification of federal law.  Thereby creating a “free state” within the system of several states.

Learn more about the free state project here.