Smart People Should Be Forced To Support Mental Retards

If I say the phrase “Smart people should be forced to support mental retards” – what first comes to mind?

The State?  Taxes?  Welfare?

I want to present a few simple arguments that may make you think differently about the best way to achieve this situation.  I think we can all agree, no matter one’s political persuasion, that the ideal society would have the best and brightest minds coordinating the productive activities of society.  The best and brightest should be “forced” to use their brains, labor, and capital resources in a way that most benefit the greater good of the masses.

First we must address the question, “are the great unwashed retards?”

The answer, of course, is obvious.  They are retards.  Anyone who is not a retard would automatically reject the theft of their property under a statist system of violent taxation.  Retards are incapable of critical thought and the application of logic to decision making.  Clearly the nature of our current statist society demonstrates that there is very little critical thought churning the vast emptiness of the collective brain.  A quick flip through the nightly news demonstrates that the statist horde of mental midgets is far more concerned with Bristol Palin’s dance routine than any matter of economic importance that affects their daily lives.

The fact that the great unwashed are retards could almost be stated as an axiom.  That is to say, it is self-evident that they are retards without the need for empirical proof being provided.

Moving forward with the assumption that the great unwashed are indeed retards, we must consider how this fact influences the political machinery of the State.  It follows logically that if the horde is retarded, they are incapable of electing anyone of value to political power based on logical though processes.

Thus, a democratic system of governance automatically means that retarded people, who are incapable of logical though processes, are placing people in power over everyone, including those who are not retards.  It also means that those who they do place in power are most likely retarded themselves since there is no mechanism in place that weeds out retards from attaining a political office.

In fact, the democratic process almost assures that the biggest liar who promises the most free shit to the statist horde will win every time.  It is an empirical fact that most politicians are lying idiots that pander to other idiots by promising to give them shit they have taken from the productive members of society through the use of violent force.

The fact that most politicians are idiots could also be stated as an axiom.  It is self-evident that most politicians are in fact totally useless as human beings on this planet.  I can not think of a single government program created by politicians that has actually solved the underlying problem it was created to address.

Take anti-poverty legislation for example.  Clearly the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been pissed down the gutter of uselessness have not eliminated or even reduced poverty over time.

So here we have arrived at the conclusion the State is governed by retards and therefore incapable of efficiently raising the standard of living through the use of violent wealth redistribution to idiots.

So, if the living standards of retards can not be improved through the electoral process and State violence, what then is the best mechanism for increasing the standard of living for the retarded horde?

Many retards yammer that without the use of State sanctioned violent theft, many other retards would die of starvation and poverty.  So, is this statement true?

I don’t believe so.

If we take away the State entirely yet leave property rights in place, protected by private security guards and private gun ownership, everyone is necessarily FORCED to produce for themselves.  The word “forced” is important because clearly if a person does not actively produce for themselves in this situation they will die of starvation and exposure.  There is no “social safety net” provided by the violent theft of the State.

Most retards have no trouble comprehending this fact, and indeed most retards base a large part of their political ideology in support of violent theft around this fact.

But let us consider the fallout from such a scenario.  Starting from the base position of total equal distribution of land and resources among everyone, the best and brightest will obviously attain more shit far quicker than the retards.  They will have more “capital goods” that they can then utilize in the production of making even more shit for themselves.

As the best and the brightest acquire ever more shit, they will eventually reach a limit to how much shit they can produce on their own.  They will necessarily be FORCED to utilize the retards of society in their quest to produce ever more shit for themselves.

Since the retards outnumber the smart people and have guns themselves, it is basically impossible for the smart people to use violence as a means of coercing the retards to do their bidding.  The smart people must necessarily use non-violent enticements and persuasion to get the retards to work for them.  In today’s society, the typical enticement comes in the form of a paycheck.

The smart people give up a portion of their wealth to the retards if the retards agree to help the smart people produce more shit.

Nature provides society a fantastic mechanism through the free market that forces the best and brightest minds to support and care for the retards of society by making it nearly impossible for the smart people to acquire more shit without helping the retards in the process.

In the situation described, everyone is necessarily forced to produce and society is guaranteed that only the best and brightest will direct the structure of production in society.

This begs the question as to what society should do for those people who are completely incapable of caring for themselves.  Is it in the best interest of the smart people to let the totally useless people die?

I don’t believe so.

Smart people know that the totally useless people have families, and the adults of those families are valuable assets that the smart people require in the production of their shit.  The smart people will establish charities to ensure that the totally useless among the horde are at least provided for at a base level simply because they don’t want the horde to thieve from them, which necessarily will occur if a retard can not keep his family cared for through non-violent means.

It also means that the smart people will try to provide a wage that allows for the average head of the household to put a roof over his head and feed his family.  Smart people that run businesses need their workers in a good healthy condition if they are to continue utilizing their retarded employees labor.  They will care for their employees in the best way they can all on their own without any coercion necessary because it is in their best interest as employers to do so.

The semi-retarded among the population will acquire useful job skills, and as such, will demand more shit from their employers in the form of higher wages.  If the employer refuses, the semi-retarded will seek employment at another employer for a higher wage.  Thus, the market will set the wages of the great unwashed in direct proportion to their productive usefulness to society.

Those semi-retards who have specialized job skills will command ever-more shit from the smart people.  Eventually, the semi-retards may even acquire enough shit to go into business for themselves and join the ranks of the smart people.

As society produces ever more shit, the quality of life for EVERYONE must necessarily improve.

It is only through free market capitalism that society can force the smart people to care for the retards AND improve the quality of life for the great unwashed.

Praise Mao and may Stalin expropriate your condom supply.

  • Robert Jones

    The government/ state, etc.. would be the last people I’d consider for the job. They are not smart either…. Some of them may, be, but they will also be contracted. No smart person would stick with the government unless they were working for millions…