LOL Banker Suicide – Ya Right

Looks like yet another “suicide” of a banker with possible insider knowledge of illegal banking activities.

Jessica Fashano was a drop dead gorgeous 27 year old financial analyst for Citigroup that jumped to her death from the top of a NY apartment complex.

The NY Times reports:

On Saturday afternoon, stunned friends joined Ms. Fashano’s two roommates at her apartment on West 53rd Street before everyone left for the night.

Her apartment was about 16 blocks south of the residential tower at 180 Riverside Boulevard, where surveillance video showed her walking in on Saturday morning.

A resident said she was returning from walking her dog and rode up with Ms. Fashano in the elevator. Dressed for the cold in Ugg boots and a winter jacket, Ms. Fashano asked the woman how to get to the roof — which has views of the Hudson River and New Jersey, where Ms. Fashano grew up. The resident, who declined to be identified, said Ms. Fashano seemed alert and aware.

At 8:13 a.m., the police found her body in an internal courtyard, where she was pronounced dead. The police said they did not suspect foul play.

Why Ms. Fashano chose the Riverside Boulevard building is among the many questions surrounding her death. She left no note, and although the police said she was undergoing treatment for depression, friends and associates said she was always in high spirits.

“It’s like something just changed overnight,” said Ms. Javian, who said she spoke to Ms. Fashano daily and was supposed to have had brunch with her on Saturday morning. “Something just snapped, and we don’t know.”

Frashano was Georgetown graduate and was intimately involved in the financial dealings of Citi and worked closely with Goldman analysts as well.

The media is going bananas hyping the fact she was on anti-depressants and concocting all manner of excuses as to why this event occurred, but let us look at some facts:

-Female suicides are rare, only one in four suicides are female.

-Rarer still are female youth suicides, we are talking lotto winning odds here.

-The ultra rare of the rare is a young white female suicide case that takes her life through a means other than poison, firearms, or suffocation/hanging.

Less than 10% of all female suicides are by other means than those I just listed, and of those MOST are old people who are looking death in the face anyways.   This whole thing stinks like day old dog turds.

Anyone that thinks this was a suicide is a fucking idiot.

I find it convenient that some “unnamed source” just happened to ride the elevator with her and testified to the press that she was in her right mind and no one was with her.  – I smell a rat.