Questions Of Morality

Is it ever justified to initiate violence against a person who has not harmed/threatened anyone or damaged/stolen anyone else’s property?

Is it ever justified to take another person’s property by force if that person is not guilty of harming/threatening another person or damaging/stealing another person’s property?

If a person is not a slave, which is to say they own their own body, is it ever justified to use violence against them in order to prevent them from doing harm to themselves?

Is it ever justified for you to use violence against an innocent person to take their property if you then hand that stolen property to a charitable organization that YOU felt needed the money more than the person you stole the property from?

Name an industry that historical world history demonstrates the State can run more efficiently than the private sector.

May Mao bless you and keep you; may Mao make his face shine upon you and expropriate your entire paycheck at gunpoint.