Dem plans bill banning threatening imagery against politicians

Infowars reports:

In the wake of the tragic Arizona shooting, Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) says he plans to introduce a bill criminalizing the use of certain forms of threatening imagery against lawmakers and judges.

“You can’t threaten the president with a bullseye or a crosshair,” Brady told the New York Times. He explained to CNN that his bill would also ban symbols or language that threaten “a congressman, senator or federal judge.”

He was referring to a map published last year by Sarah Palin in which House Democrats were targeted for electoral defeat with crosshairs over their districts.

How about a bill that bans the State’s use of threats against innocent citizens instead.

How about a bill that makes taxes voluntary instead of mandatory.

How about a bill that allows private currencies to compete against the current Fed monopoly money and ends the use of violently imposed legal tender laws.

How about a bill that allows people to opt out of the violently funded State retirement ponzi scheme.

Watching the State’s sycophants running around like scared chickens over this event would almost be humorous if the consequences of their actions weren’t so heinous.