The Fed Is Gifting Primary Dealers With A Monthly Commission Fee Of Over $5 Billion

If you don’t understand the following article, let me summarize.

Government regulations are allowing private commercial bankers to make bonus earnings of over 5 billion dollars a month.…

The topic of how much money the Fed is gifting to the Primary Dealers via POMO comissions has to become front and center right now. While we appreciate fluff “profile” pieces in the NYT addressing the issue tangentially, and assuring us via worthless promises by people whose one purpose in life is to pad the pockets of their future employers in preparation for that inevitable day when said parasites move from faux public service to doing the hard core biddings of a vampire squid, the truth is that this is daylight robbery and it is happening in front of everyone’s eyes.

As a reminder, per the NYT: “As offers to sell Treasuries flash on a bank of trading screens, a computer algorithm works out which ones to accept.” We contest that this algorithm is costing tapxayer billions each and every month and demand that Bill Dudley, Brian Sack, Josh Frost or one of the 20 year old henchmen traders immediately disclose just wha the operatin terms of the algorithm are, and what the slippage is. The reason: we have reason to believe that the Fed’s slippage rate is up to 5%. On a monthly POMO notional total of over $100 billion, this means that the Fed hands out well over $5 billion each and every month to the Primary Dealers. This is an abortion of the Fed’s fiduciary responsibility and should be criminal if proven to be in fact correct.

Praise Mao, and may our criminal State centrally plan your life into oblivion.