Deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali Said To Have Fled Country With 1.5 Tons Of Gold

Zero Hedge reports:

Not shares of AAPL, not freeze dried MREs, not shotguns shells, not even €45 million European pieces of linen in a suitcase… Gold. And one wonders why all the physical silver and gold is slowly but surely disappearing from the distributors: someone should really check the cargo hold of Lloyd’s, Jamie’s and Vikram’s G-6 planes…and of course the extra cargo holds in the private helicopter squadron of that “other” Ben, elsewhere now known lovingly with the adjective of Blackhawk (f/k/a Helicopter).

Anyone with half a brain should grasp the obvious – the fiat currencies of the world are nothing more than a tool the rich and powerful use to loot the innocent working class stiffs.

Precious metals have served as real money since the dawn of man because they can not be counterfeited into oblivion by criminal governments.

Counterfeiters inherently know the money they produce is worthless, which is why they sell it for pennies of its face value.