Federal Judge Says There's No First Amendment Right to Record the Cops

Reason magazine reports:

Federal District Court Judge Suzanne Conlon has dismissed (PDF) an ACLU challenge to the Illinois law that makes recording someone in a public space without their permission a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. As I’ve reported here, the law is used almost exclusively against people who attempt to record on-duty police officers. The ACLU was seeking declarative and injunctive relief to prevent the police from arresting workers and volunteers who planned to record police at an anti-war protest this spring.

Of course, toward the end, we see the criminal Illinois street thugs you call police have granted themselves an exception.

The Illinois law also includes an exception for law enforcement, so police recordings without permission of the person being recorded are permissible.

The criminal looting thugs you call police always have more rights than you do, including when it comes to freedom of speech.

You are simply a tax cow to be milked at the pleasure of the State.

Any notion that you are a free and sovereign individual must be crushed.

You should take the time to read this article, you actually get to see what a criminal federal judge thinks about your right to record public “servants” (lol) in action.