One Marijuana Case Costs Tax Payers About $65,000

but since getting intoxicated is a sin, we must punish the evil doers until we are all broke Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra | Cheap Levitra | Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription and penniless.

Follow the compounding costs in the case of one James P. Fowler:

Of course, prosecuting Mr. Fowler’s evil deeds isn’t the only ridiculous law that costs epic sums of money.

Take the new Generic cheapest pills without prescription federal law that locks up people for 5 years if they point a laser pointer at an airplane for example.

There are over 4000 “crimes” in the federal code books that range from the serious to the ridiculous.

Of course, in a free society, a crime is not a crime unless there is a victim that can articulate damages before an arbitrator of the law. The State is always an illegitimate victim, because as we can see in the video, the only real victims in this case were the tax payers.