Every Single Asset Class Correlates 1:1 With The Fed's Balance Sheet

Chairman Mao’s minions have done an excellent job turning what was once a free market capitalist society into a centrally planned cesspool of economic destruction.

Get your food, gold, silver, guns, ammunition, and survival necessities ready for the coming economic Apocalypse.

Zero Hedge reports:

The chart which we presented a few weeks ago courtesy of Sean Corrigan sees a few additional components added to it. Whereas before the chart focused on the Adjusted Austrian money supply and commodity prices, it now sees the addition of the S&P and Junk spreads. In a word: every single asset class correlates 1:1 with the Fed’s balance sheet. If the Fed is really planning on ending QE2 on June 30, the market collapse will be epic. And, yes, this should not come as a surprise to anyone.