Libya Is A Farce

The question I have, which the CIA run network news seems totally oblivious to, is who is arming the rebels?

AK47’s, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank missiles are not cheap, nor is the ammunition they require.

All of a sudden we see massive numbers of armed rebels walking around with fully automatic weapons, yet no one seems to care where these arms were acquired from.

The network news is hyping claims that Gadhafi used his air force to bomb an oil facility.  This strikes me as a ridiculous thing to do, yet exactly what the US wants in order to justify implementing a “no-fly zone” over Libya.

What would Gadhafi gain by bombing a Libyan oil production facility?  To deny its use to the rebels?  What are the rebels going to do with it?  They are a bunch of peasants and mercenaries!

For some reason I highly doubt that it was Libyan fighter planes that bombed that oil facility.

The whole episode seems contrived to me.

Pravada seems to think along the same lines as me:

Where is the evidence of the air  strikes ordered by Colonel Gathafi against his “unarmed” civilians? Is this yet another contrived pretext for the USA and its sycophantic allies in NATO to start an invasion? Why is NATO speaking about enforcing a no-fly zone? Who started the conflict in the first place? Russian officials call the NATO claims a bunch of lies.