10 Companies That Make Billions From The U.S. Government

Scroll through this CNBC slideshow to view the glories of our fascist corporatist warfare/welfare state system.

2011’s Congressional negotiations over the Federal budget are proving to be the toughest in years, and with the possibility of a government shutdown, Federal Government spending is taking center stage.

As the debate focuses on where, whether and how much to cut, a controversial area of spending is the government’s use of contractors and the high price paid for their services. To understand these figures, CNBC.com analyzed data from USASpending.gov, which was established in 2006 by the U.S. Office of Budget Management to make Federal awards publicly available.

According to USASpending.gov, in 2010 there were $536.7 billion in government contracts awarded to approximately 303,000 contractors. The data presented here are based solely on U.S. Government contracts and do not include assistance, insurance, grants, loans, or other forms of payment.

So, who are the biggest U.S. contractors? Click ahead to find out.

When the government spends hundreds of billions of dollars that it created out of nothing on weapons systems, we can be sure that the economy of the US will implode.

Think of what the private sector would do with all those resources if the government didn’t buy them up and waste them on machinery designed to kill people.

Think of what the private sector would do with all the man power that would be freed up to work on projects that benefit humanity.

We know everything the true private sector does benefits humanity otherwise free individuals would not pay to have whatever it is that is benefiting them produced.