Nanny State Terrorists Launch Attack On Chocolate Milk

I love Jeff’s take on why the State should ban chocolate milk sales in its schools.

The WaPo reports:

When Fairfax County and D.C. schools banned chocolate milk last year from elementary lunch lines, officials heard not just from parents and students. They also received letters and petitions from a slew of nutritionists and influential special interest groups…

“If we want to fix childhood obesity, chocolate milk is just one of the things we need to get rid of,” said Jeff Anderson, a parent of three students at Wolftrap Elementary in Vienna and a member of Real Food for Kids, a Fairfax area advocacy group. “It’s a treat, not something you have every day with lunch.”

No Jeff, if we want to fix childhood obesity we need to ban food – period.

You see Jeff, calories are actually a part of all food.  Therefore, any excessive intake of any food at all will cause obesity.

Clearly the solution to childhood obesity is to throw all children into military style boot camps where caloric intake can be monitored and controlled through violence.

People like Jeff seem to miss the point that some kids are fat, some kids are skinny, and some kids drink excessive amounts of chocolate milk in order to dull the pain of being in a depressing State run prison camp for 8 hours a day.