Gradualism Versus Catastrophism Part One

As I have reported for several years now, modern mainstream cosmology is packed full of absolute nonsense.  In response to the lies being told to you by the mainstream scientific community, the following video presents the case that the geology of earth has dramatically changed over the course tens of thousands of years.  This is in stark contrast to evolutionary theory, which basically paints a picture of an extremely slow changing earth that formed its features over billions of years.

The Thunderbolts team reports:

Did the terrain we see around us take millions of years to form? Some recent experiments suggest otherwise.

As mentioned in past articles, Electric Universe proponents think that something is wrong with the “long, slow” view of geology. Fossils are dated based on the rock layers in which they are found, so a uniformitarian view of geology influences the understanding of how life began and evolved on Earth. If the rock ages are wrong, fossil ages are wrong.

playlist (click the playlist link if the video below is not rendering for you)

For a nearly complete theory of Earth’s history given from the perspective of plasma cosmology, check out this web site.


  • Andy

    Video is no longer available and the playlist linked to is private, is there another link?

  • some good work being done on sedimentation processes there, but the films conclusions are overreaching.