Insane Stories Of Corruption – Wyoming Politics And Oil

Recently I interviewed an ex-con that worked on the oil fields in Wyoming.  He had some absolutely unbelievable stories of political corruption to share.

You are seriously not going to believe the stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth.  Tales of murder cover-ups, massive amounts of oil being intentionally diverted to unknown locations while being taken off the record books, oil being housed in completely secure installations guarded by private armies, political corruption, oil being cross-drilled across the Canadian border intentionally while smaller private producers are being prevented from dilling, etc..

There’s even more he had to share with me that I didn’t manage to get recorded, but needless to say it was some of the most insane stuff I have ever heard.

Basically the oil companies took over the political machine of Wyoming, and then used that machine to shut down all the small time domestic drilling operations.  Now only the big corporate conglomerates are allowed to drill the land in Wyoming.  Much of the oil that they do manage to drill from Wyoming is being taken off the books and put in undisclosed locations.

My theory, based on what he had to say, is that the US is going to default on is treasury debt and it will tell the rest of the world to go screw themselves.  This will cause much of the rest of the world to start trading oil outside of the dollar and to cut off trade relations with America.  The oil that’s being taken off the books will then be sold domestically for exorbitant prices to US consumers since oil imports will fall dramatically.

The oil companies will basically have America by the balls, and they are using the government to make sure their monopoly position isn’t threatened by small time oil producers.

This is how I think the overall scheme is operating:

The US government intentionally cuts US domestic oil production by using “environmental policies” to force small time producers out of the market, while at the same time leasing land and mineral rights to the mega-corporate producers.

The mega-corporate producers are sucking oil out of US domestic reserves and are holding that oil off the market in undisclosed locations.

The US federal government agreed to this situation because they want foreign nations to continue purchasing our treasury debt.  Intentionally cutting domestic oil production is a great bargaining chip that government could use to get more foreign participation in buying our national debt.

Tit for tat – we will cut domestic oil production if you buy more of our treasury debt.  This is on top of the fact that oil is already priced in dollars, which means foreign nations MUST buy some of our debt if they want to buy oil on the international markets.

However, the joke is on those nations who agreed to buy more of our debt in exchange for this, because eventually we are going to flat-out default on that debt and those treasury notes they have are going to be worthless.

This will lead to mass chaos and a break down of trade relations between the US and other foreign nations.  During this period, the domestic oil that was held off the market will be used to run the country, all at a premium price to the oil companies of course.