Trump: I Would Take The Oil – Period.

Well, at least the Donald is open and honest about his intentions.  In this video you’ll here some of the most mind blowing honesty from a corrupt politician you’ve ever heard in your life.  Trust me, this is one of those videos that must be seen to be believed.

“I have no interest in Libya unless we take the oil.”  – “I would take the oil”

Not only in Libya, but also in Iraq.  I assume he would pull out of Afghanistan since there is no oil there.

  • Dr. Manuel Iglesias-Guerrero

    Then Syria. Possible attacks: USA trains, letters with Anthrax. Summons NATO missile shield in Europe. Possible target: Iran. Recolonize Africa from the Canaries. The rebels genocide. USA returns to attack Pakistan. The Spain of the welfare cuts will provide money for rebels Libyans. Benghazi against the rebels … Download:

  • shagster1970

    Wow at least he said it. Of course its all about the oil. But in Iraq you dont even have to stay there to get it. You have already pledged all this aid – how are they going to pay it back? By giving US corps the oil and other national assets. It doesnt matter who is in power.

    There is no oil in Afghanistan- but theres the gas pipeline and of course opium.

    When the war started people said they couldnt believe you would go to war over oil. Hell! Thats the ONLY reason to go to war!!