US Breaches Debt Limit – No One Cares

Zero Hedge points out that the criminal class has decided to spend more of your money than they originally told you they were going to spend.

We have a quick question for the Treasury Secretary: according to today’s DTS, as of close yesterday, the Treasury had $14.274 trillion in debt subject to the ceiling of $14.294 trillion, or a $20 billion “buffer.” To the best of our knowledge there were no redemptions today, and certainly none in the non-Bill pipeline this week. So, uh, how exactly did Tim Geithner auction off $32 billion today? (and plans to auction off another $40 billion tomorrow and Thursday)

I’m pretty sure Geithner’s actions are illegal, but since the government makes its own rules, it doesn’t really matter anyways.

By definition, nothing the government does is ever illegal because they have more guns than you and control the “justice” (lol) system.