Bic Lighter + Multi-Tool = Deadly Weapons Charges

In the land of the insane and home of the oppressed, two high school students recently learned the hard way about the criminal nature of our terrorist police State.

CBS reports:

Talbot County schools are under fire for suspending two Easton High School lacrosse players over equipment they kept in their bags to fix their sticks.

Laura Dennis’ son Graham had a pen knife and a Leatherman that school authorities found while they searched a team bus before it headed to a game. He now faces jail time and damage to his permanent record.

Doug Edsall’s son Casey had a lighter he also used to fix his lacrosse stick.  The school classified it as an explosive device.

So we have a pen knife, a Leatherman, and a Bic Lighter.  The police have classified those as deadly weapons and an explosive device (the lighter).  Most sane people would classify those as useful devices that serve to aid humanity.  Not so with our terrorist police organizations, who see lighters and multi-tools as a direct threat to their authoritay.

“A police officer came and took him away in handcuffs and they said ‘Give us 40 minutes, we have to process him,’ Laura Dennis said. “So they did mug shots and they fingerprinted. I was able to pick him up from the police department 45 minutes later.”

That’s right.  For the crime of carrying useful tools in their gym bag, these kids are now facing the wrath of the almighty terrorist police state.

Make no mistake, the kids are terrified.

“I’m just really terrified of what could happened, and it’s just been real emotional for myself and Graham of what we’ve been through,” said Casey Edsall, suspended student.

I bet you are son.

Too bad you were brought up to believe the criminal terrorist organization you call the police are your friends.

Let that be a lesson to you.


  • Anonymous

    jail, for a lighter and a swiss army knife

    i pray for the deaths of all involved


    SCREW COPS, this is a first hand example