Steve Forbes: “The US Will Likely Have A Gold Standard Within The Next Five Years”

I always though Steve-o was a globalist hack, but after reading this article it appears that he is coming around to the correct point of view.  Forbes actually lauds Ron Paul and declares the US will eventually return to a gold standard since it is the only sane monetary policy a nation can have.

“People know that something is wrong with the dollar,” Forbes concluded.  “You cannot trash your money without repercussions.”

Steve Forbes


  • anonymous

    What makes you think that he is not a globalist hack because he says this?

    They want eventually to replace the dollar with some kind of gold-backed international currency. Who has the most gold (by far)? Yes, the central banks.

    You need to think one step ahead if you want to understand the elites.

    • Yeah I know, but if you read the article, he’s not calling for a global currency. He specifically says Ron Paul has the answers. That’s why I was surprised.