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Stefan Molyneux explains the nature of police in our terror driven economy.

It’s very profitable to have very few sheep dogs and a lot of sheep.  Human beings submit to force around the world throughout history. If you can scare people through threats of jail despite the fact that violent crime throughout the US has declined for the past 20 years, you have 3% of the US population either in jail, on parole, or being monitored, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. That frightens everyone.  The US per-capita has almost as high an incarceration rate in 2011 than Russia had in the Soviet Union under Stalin in the gulags. It is a terrifying situation for many Americans, and so people will shut up and pay.

An alternative model to the insanity of a coercively funded police State is presented by economist Hans Hoppe in a lecture here.

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Here’s one of the stories Cop Block is currently covering.  I recommend taking your blood pressure medication before reading it:

Orlando Activist Faces 6-Yrs in Prison for Videotaping Police Brutality

Ademo and I had the pleasure of meeting John last fall just after Liberty On Tour: 2010 concluded – he’s stand-up guy who does excellent work and someone we both consider a friend. John hasn’t harmed any person nor property yet he’s being threatened with six years in a cage due to the double-standards and unaccountability of one person who happens to wear a badge – Adam Gruler.

John founded and is very active with Fully Informed Jury Association outreach. The threats levied on John stem from an incident in which John was filming an individual being aggressed upon by someone wearing a badge. He was trying to help someone else and he himself became the latest to witness the violence of those who claim a “legitimate” right to use force.

john kurtz 270x300 Orlando Activist Faces 6 Yrs in Prison for Videotaping Police Brutality

The Facts:
Just before 2 AM on January 1st, 2011 John Kurtz left a private party on Orange Avenue and Church Street, downtown Orlando to investigate some apparent police activity on Church Street.

Kurtz approached the scene and videotaped the incident, which included the use of tasers, a violent take down, and a pepper spraying AFTER the suspect was subdued and in handcuffs.

Officer Adam Gruler repeatedly told Kurtz to go away and turn off the camera. When Kurtz informed Gruler that he knew his rights and wasn’t going anywhere, Gruler violently took Kurtz to the ground and arrested him.

After multiple attempts to deny Kurtz bond, relentless efforts by Kurtz’s friends, family, attorney and other privately contracted help, Kurtz was finally released from Orange County Jail after a full seven days behind bars.

Kurtz’s video camera with the evidence on it that would easily clear or condemn him of these charges mysteriously went missing. It was not in Kurtz’s personal effects when he was released from jail, nor was it entered into evidence. It is unknown what happened to Kurtz’s camera.  However, at best it reflects negligence on the Orlando Police Department for failure to secure evidence; at worst it shows absolute corruption and evidence tampering.

John Kurtz is a peaceful person who adheres and promotes the non aggression principle. Kurtz is known by his friends as a pacifist who is much more likely to turn the other cheek, than to retaliate with violence.

The Evidence:

  • The evidence against Kurtz is nothing more than the word of a few Police officers.
  • The evidence defending Kurtz includes multiple third party eye witnesses and video evidence from the street camera on Church Street. All who show Officer Gruler as the aggressor, and Kurtz simply video taping.

About Officer Gruler:

  • Officer Adam Gruler was named by the Orlando Sentinel as a ‘Hunter’ and one of the top Taser users on the force. Gruler is notorious in the poverty stricken area of Orlando known as Parramore for taserings, verbal abuse, violence and questionable conduct. Gruler’s Internal Affairs profile includes dozens of civilian complaints.
  • Officer Adam Gruler is the same out-of-control cop who was recently caught on video unlawfully arresting a local Orlando News photographer!

Officer Adam Gruler arresting a Channel 9 news reporter for video taping him.

You can hear the reporter clearly say Gruler was making an unlawful stop, which is why he was filming the incident in the first place.  You can also hear the female officer agree that the reporter has a right to film the interaction.

About John Kurtz:

  • Kurtz is known locally for not only his work with, but also for a variety of civil disobedience and street theater, geared at pointing out the injustice and absurdity of some of the laws and ordinances in Orlando.
  • Kurtz made national headlines when he refused to comply with a city ordinance in Orlando banning the feeding of the homeless within two miles of city hall, Kurtz and others repeatedly held food sharings at city hall.
  • Kurtz is an active Jurors Rights activist who spends many mornings at the Orange county Court House informing Jurors of their rights.
  • Kurtz has been a political activist as well, formerly a Precinct Chair for the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, and currently a District Coordinator with the Florida Campaign for Liberty, Kurtz has spent countless hours campaigning for local candidates and lobbying politicians for fiscally conservative and socially liberal practices.
  • Kurtz has been a successful Real Estate Broker for 6 Years in Central Florida, and considers friends, family and liberty the most important things in his life.


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