Electric Universe & The Future of Science

The video clips presented here, and in the videos to follow in this series, are from a presentation by David Talbott sponsored by The Natural Philosophy Alliance
(NPA), May 7th, 2011.


  • orkneylad

    Wikipedia & BBC Newspeak: Dark Energy & the Electric Universe

    I have screen grabs so let’s see if/how they change…..I smell a frightened paradigm attempting to suppress information.

  • i hope the electric universe concept makes headway; it seems to be an advance in understanding.  Since our Earth has a long existence but short history, and NASA says the nova on our doorstep named Fluff exploded 10 m ya.  If that gas cloud was periodically energized or periodically rotated to act on Sol’s heliosphere, wouldn’t that explain the expansion events S W Carey identified in the geologic record?  and give weight to Velikovsky’s work?  A double layer plasma swells with energy, compressing Sol’s heliosphere from all angles, and the compression reduces to nearly the surface of the sun, leaving the planets in their gravity orbits, first experiencing compression as the DL approaches, turbulent weather as the energy center passes over them, then expansion and exposure to strong cosmic rays as the DL progresses on toward the sun.  This simple magnetic DL plasma incursion covers all catastrophic events of Earth’s history.  The compression —(pizeoelectricity)  heats the cores of the planets prior to being put behind the DL and exposed to expansion –pyroelectricity. 
    Again the spiral galactic centers are guanatinized neutron stars.  The eye is a quantum choregraph of the positron/electron of the neutron stars.  The spin is transfered to the ring of bright water encircling the eye, and when the AGN receives sufficient charge it ejects a jet of energy.  Neutron stars feed the AGN at the center of the Milky Way.