Adult Baby Threatens Suicide If His SSI Disability Is Cut

LOL – Every day I fall out of my chair after reading some epic bullshit.

Today’s LOLfest comes to us from a man who threatens to kill himself if the government ceases to fund his adult baby lifestyle:

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care,” the California man said. “I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”

After we cut his SSI, I think we should at least provide the man with a free body bag.

  • Unfortunately, this is merely the symptom, and a rather pathetic and superficial one at that! The disease is the Social Security system itself, and the dependency which it–and similar government programs, from ‘publik skoolz’ funding to Obamacare and foodstamps, not to say an enormous amount of spending in the military and banking–fostering babyish dependence, short term time horizon, a preference for spending over saving, and a tolerance for childish misbehavior that nobody would tolerate in a sane, free market, private property and self-responsibility enhancing libertarian society!

    Even if this pathetic idiot is removed from the rolls, Social Security, along with the rest of the government, will still be going bankrupt, because he has too many counterparts–and imitations–in the Treasury department, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve!


    • Anonymous

      Well, first I didn’t see that zipper on the back of your head where information is put in and common sense and human compassion was removed,yet I still can’t understand how they removed your heart through your head?Ah!I know you shit it out!