Gaddafi The Good Guy

Here’s something hardly anyone is talking about, the positive policy decisions Gaddafi was trying to implement just prior to us blowing up his country.

Apparently Gaddafi was working on a plan to move much of the African continent to a gold backed Dinar standard.  Obviously such a move would more than justify his removal by military force in the minds of our criminal terrorist State leaders.

If Gaddafi managed to get such a currency in place across much of Africa, it would cripple the American corporatist state.  The US would have to cough up its gold and start producing again if it wanted to buy oil.  It would also most likely cascade to other nations as well, as other nations would have to follow suit if they wanted to buy oil, thereby leading to a global gold backed Dinar reserve standard just as the US Dollar enjoys today.

The world accepted the Dollar as the reserve currency on the basis that it was redeemable for gold.  Today the world accepts the Dollar as the reserve because oil is priced in dollars.

If oil was to be priced in gold instead of Federal Reserve Notes…

This video is definitely worth watching:

A few other notes on Gaddafi:

The driving factors behind the aggression against Libya was the fact that Libya blocked for the development of the Mediterranean Alliance, lobbied for the establishment of a Pan-African, gold backed currency, and that it had supported the now ousted Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast in his attempt to get Ivory Coast out of the CFA agreement. The CFA is a French Controlled currency used in eight African states, and France´s control over the CFA is one of the major supports of the French economy.