Paul Has To Sneak On To The Senate Floor – Temporarily Prevents Patriot Act Passage

Seriously, this letter had me floored.  I pretty much knew that something was wacky with how the Senate conducted its proceedings, but this letter by a contributor highlights exactly what is going on.  Our terrorist overlords don’t like it when members of their clan force them to debate political matters in public or go on the record by forcing them to vote.

Rand Paul has managed to block the passage of the Patriot Act (at least temporarily) because the criminal Harry Reid used a special set of rules to prevent Rand from conducting a full blown filibuster.  Because of the rule change Reid used, Paul was able to force the bill to the floor for an upcoming 30 hours of debate.

This is a must read article:

Senator Rand Paul: “We go week after week in the Senate and do nothing. I feel like sometimes I should return my check because I go up, they do no votes and no debate. Look at this horrendous debt crisis – we don’t debate that either.

Anderson Cooper: “Really, you feel like that? You feel like you’re not doing anything there?”

Paul: “Yes. I feel… Absolutely. We go up week to week and there’s no debate in Congress. No debate in the Senate. We sit idly by. Some weeks we vote on two-three non-controversial judges and we go back home. It, really…

“It’s hard for me to get the floor unless I somehow sneak on the floor when no one’s looking to try to get a vote. Why would we not want to debate great Constitutional questions? When I ran for office, that’s what I thought – there will be great and momentous debates on the floor. We don’t have any because they prevent the debates from ever even beginning.

The letter goes on to explain about fake quorum calls and how they have become the de facto way of  doing business in the Senate, as opposed to a relatively obscure procedure used to take a break.

Your political leaders are pile of criminals.  Anyone that supports politicians in their efforts to rob the productive members of society through secret meetings and back room deals is just as much a criminal as the politicians themselves.  Anyone that thinks this den of vipers can be “rehabilitated” is equally guilty.