LOL! Updated: Over 1500 Plan On Attending Dance Party Protest



Oh man this just makes my day.  I can’t wait for the fireworks show.

Check out the number of people responding to this RSVP for dance party protesters at the Jefferson Memorial as a counter demonstration to this madness.

The party starts at noon eastern, at the Jefferson Memorial, Saturday June 4th.

I truly hope there are some big linebacker types that decide they have had enough of the Police State.  Those terrorists need to be reminded who they work for.   – non-violently of course.  I recommend what Kokesh did in the first video.


Judge Napolitano writes on his facebook:

Tonight (5/31) FreedomWatch dances (illegally) with Adam Kokesh at the Jefferson Memorial! 8PM ET on Fox Business Network


  • mullaman

    I think you got the date wrong….april 4th?

    • You’re right.

      Thanks for pointing that out for me.