Thieves In CA Set Their Sights On

The looting class has decided that purchases should be subject to a billion dollar looting spree, because citizens are simply too stupid to know how to spend their own money:

The state of California could collect more than $1 billion a year by taxing Amazon and other online retailers if a bill approved by the Assembly becomes law.

It’s pretty much a given that you are dumb, politicians are smart, and they know how to best spend your money.  The inverse of this situation is simply unfathomable to people like yourselves.

For example:

You wouldn’t pay someone to school your own kid if public schools didn’t exist; therefore, the State must take money from people who don’t have kids to pay for your kids education.

Let’s try another:

If weed wasn’t illegal, you would smoke it non-stop until you went on a violent rampage.  The only way to prevent yourself from engaging in such behavior is to make weed illegal, and then force you to pay for the State apparatus necessary to make sure you don’t smoke it.

Clearly making violent crime illegal is not enough.  You might be tempted to use drugs if they weren’t banned in the first place because your willpower and logical thinking skills are that of a two year old.

You are simply too dumb and childish to be trusted with things like weed.  You should drink beer and smoke a few cigarettes instead.

But I digress.  Back to the looting spree.  I personally feel that CA should simply ban money and confiscate all property.  This would solve a lot of the problems associated with violent looting.  If the State simply took everything, it wouldn’t have to worry about hiring all those tax collectors.  The savings on tax collectors could be redirected into important programs, like saving field mice.

Besides, I really want to swim around in Steve Job’s swimming pool.   If the State took everything, we wouldn’t have to have public pools because I could simply walk over to Steve’s house and say – hey buddy, I own this too.  Thanks for the towels.

Think of the savings!