Terrorist Authoritarian Demands Free Trade Be Crushed By Police State – How To Buy Illegal Drugs Online

The terrorist authoritarian you call Senator Charles Schumer has recently been spotted in the media screeching that the website The Silk Road be shut down due to its peddling of illicit drugs.

The terrorist says,

“Literally, it allows buyers and users to sell illegal drugs online, including heroin, cocaine, and meth, and users do sell by hiding their identities through a program that makes them virtually untraceable,” Schumer said at a news conference Sunday. “It’s a certifiable one-stop shop for illegal drugs that represents the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen. It’s more brazen than anything else by lightyears.”

What better endorsement for the site than the words of a US Senate Terrorist?

Apparently the Terrorist is concerned that people might buy heroin from reputable dealers, instead of from Jamal the local drug pusher who belongs to a violent street gang.

This will be an interesting test of new technology that anonymizes transactions on the internet.  If the police state can manage to shut the site down (unlikely), we will know some flaws still exist in the obfuscation system.  If it can’t (which is likely, otherwise they would have already shut it down) then future consumers can rest assured that the State is helpless to stop the new crypto-anarchism that is spreading freedom across the web.

While I don’t condone drug use, it is utterly preposterous to presume that banning drugs reduces the number of users or makes society safer and more productive.  The trillions of dollars wasted combating pot smokers could have built entire cities or put food into the mouths of billions of people.

To get to the Silk Road, follow these steps:

1. Install the anonymizing web browser package called Tor.

2. Copy and paste the following address into the browser bar: http://ianxz6zefk72ulzz.onion/index.php

You’re there!

But you can’t buy anything until you get your hands on some Bitcoins first!

Before you buy something with Bitcoins (anywhere), you need to make sure your coins have been laundered to prevent anyone from being able to trace the Bitcoin transaction back to you.  Follow the steps in the “Bitcoins” link to get yourself some initial Bitcoins to spend, then follow these steps to anonymize your coins.

Follow the directions at  https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Anonymity

Be sure to check the reputation of your vendors as well before you buy from them.  The only thing the Feds can do is put up fake offers on the Silk Road pretending to be sellers, and then trace an address back.  Obviously there is some risk in the fact that you have to give out your address in order to buy the products, but I’m sure people can think of creative ways to get around this problem.

Again, for the record, I do not condone the use of illegal drugs.  There are inherent risks when buying illegal drugs online.  If you have a family and a productive career, don’t give the Feds an excuse to make an example out of you.  There’s nothing the Fed’s would love more than to take a perfectly non-violent productive person and put them behind bars.

The Silk Road represents the utter futility of attempting to combat the sale of illegal drugs.  People will get the drugs they desire one way or another.


  • D4rt

    So bitcoin can be made anonymous. Interesting…