Police State Arrests Citizens For Not Being In Constant Motion And Doughnut Eating

The violent terrorist State has decided you are not allowed to stand around on a public side walk for any length of time.

Recently the terrorist State descended upon peaceful citizens who were protesting the recent brutal actions of the Manchester PD.   The violent totalitarians assaulted and kidnapped 8 innocent victims for the heinous non-crimes of chalking public buildings and standing on a sidewalk.  The brutal Stasi also stole numerous cameras and other recording devices from the citizens that captured their criminal actions on camera.

FreeConcord reports:

At least eight individuals were arrested today at the Manchester police station during an accountability demonstration motivated by both the Manchester police’s beating of a man outside of the Strange Brew tavern, and the recent multi-day standoff which led to the shooting death of a man in his home. Police began confiscating cameras after two chalking arrests were made, and throughout the day individuals were picked off for a variety of reasons. I myself was arrested with two others for allegedly standing on the sidewalk. Yes, this is a crime, according to the police, who cited a city ordinance that you must stay in constant motion on the sidewalk.

Watch the criminal State violate the non-existent rights of its serfs:

In other news, you are also not allowed to eat doughnuts near playgrounds.  Any attempt at doughnut eating will result in the theft of your wages and labor.