Terrorist Pig Demands Phone At Gunpoint

Watch as a Stasi enforcer aims a weapon at an innocent bystander for filming his pig ass.  Then the pig confiscates the camera and destroys it (but not before the owner of the camera managed to put the sim card in his mouth, thereby saving the video data from destruction).

Guess what will happen to the terrorist pig?

Try to imagine for a moment that you see a guy filming something on his cell phone, so you walk over to him, pull out a semi-automatic pistol, point it at his head, take his camera, then smash it.

Do you think there might be some consequences to face for those actions?


That human piece of trash you call a police officer is still loose on the streets of America and has not been charged with a crime.

We can rest assured that the most that pile of garbage will get is a suspension (probably with pay).

Cops don’t have to face market consequences for acting like subhuman fucktards; which is obviously why they act like subhuman fucktards.  If the police actually had to preform up to market expectations or go out of business like any other private sector industry, they would be far more apt to act like decent human beings.

The police have a monopoly on the use of force within a given geographical region.  Obviously this lends itself to terrorist acts like the one we just witnessed.   Monopolies lead to higher prices and poorer service.  It is to be expected that the police will treat the public like garbage when they face no market consequences for their behavior.