Drop Weapons Used To Cover Up War Crimes

Listen to troops explain how weapons are planted on innocent victims to cover up war crimes.

My sympathies are extended to the troops placed in the position of having to use these weapons as well as to the victims’ families.  It is important to remember that the real criminals in this disaster are the people who control the military and order the troops into no-win situations.  The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have no relevence to protecting American sovereignty and none of them have been authorized by a congressional declaration of war.

They are wars initiated by us and do nothing to defend anyone from anything.  They are further fueling the bankruptcy of the American State and will hasten the destruction of the dollar.  Part of me almost wants us to continue them since I know they are helping to bring about the end of the Empire by destroying its currency.  The other part of me wants them to stop immediately to prevent any more loss of innocent lives.

People in those lands who take up arms against occupying invaders can hardly be branded criminals and terrorists.  They are victims of our wars just as much as the innocent person who didn’t engage in violence at all.

When troops are placed into no-win situations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, what are we to expect them to do?  This behavior isn’t isolated to our current wars.  This is something that has gone on since the inception of the State.