Invasion Of Libya Planned For October

Infowars is reporting the terrorist leader known as Barack Hussein Obama is planning on having his mercenary army invade Libya in a bid to dominate the Middle East supply of oil.

While AJ has been known to make some wild claims in his day, why do I have the feeling that this one is the honest to god truth?

We know the dollar is going to implode.

We know historically when that happens the elite foment global wars as a way to keep the people believing in government even as every last penny is stolen from their pocketbooks.

I fully expect LA to get wiped off the map in a supposed “terrorist” nuclear attack (blame to be placed on whoever we feel like attacking at the moment).  I also fully expect a “cyber terrorist” attack that provides the Feds an excuse to shut down the web.

The web is just too powerful a communication tool for spreading the truth to leave standing.  Mark my words.  Some city gets nuked and the Feds kill the web…. right before they come for the guns and plunge us into WWIII.